Is Auto Insurance Available Through Sam’s Club?

Members of Sam’s Club enjoy a number of advantages. As far as I know, car insurance isn’t one of them. Auto insurance discounts are available to Sam’s Club members.

Car owners and Sam’s Club members can take advantage of a variety of benefits. There are no direct discounts for car insurance from the warehouse chain.

Some Sam’s Club members may be able to get a discount on their insurance premiums by mentioning that they are a member of the retailer. It is true that Sam’s Club doesn’t provide its members with cheaper car insurance directly, nor does the company work with car insurance companies to provide members with cheaper insurance.

At this time, Sam’s Club does not provide auto insurance coverage.
Similar to Costco and BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club is a warehouse club that only allows members to shop. In exchange for an annual fee, members receive lower prices on food, clothing, and other necessities. Sam’s Club has three levels of membership, each with a different set of perks.

Even if you have the most expensive Sam’s Club membership, you cannot purchase Sam’s Club auto insurance. To put it another way, Sam’s Club does not provide auto insurance, nor does the company work with an auto insurance company to provide discount rates for its members’ policies.

Sam’s Club’s health care plan is included in the membership fee.
However, Sam’s Club does provide other types of insurance, including health insurance for individuals and businesses.

Sam’s Club and Aetna have been working together to create a private healthcare exchange for Sam’s Club members since 2014. Sam’s Club Small Business Members who have at least two employees and can purchase small group plans are the primary focus of the exchange, but individuals can also purchase health insurance through Sam’s Club.

The health insurance offered by Sam’s Club is similar to other health insurance plans in that it includes the following benefits:

  • Coverage via HMO or PPO, with or without discounts
  • Subsidy eligibility checks for discount eligibility
  • Personalized insurance policies
  • Medicare benefits
  • Health insurance policies can be extended to include family members such as spouses and/or children.

In addition, Sam’s Club health insurance benefits are available to business owners. There are a variety of features available with business plans, including the ability to access live support, multiple contribution options, and more. Flat, pre-tax, or employee-selected contribution plans are available to employers.

Health insurance plans from Sam’s Club are available in about 30 states. To learn more about Sam’s Club’s health insurance options, call or visit the company website.

Request Sam’s Club Discounts from Your Insurance Company
Anecdotal evidence suggests that asking your insurer about a Sam’s Club discount can save you money on your auto insurance.

It’s possible that other drivers have tried this and failed, so your results may be different.

GEICO, for example, offers Sam’s Club and Costco members discounts; however, other major insurers, such as Progressive, do not. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about a possible Sam’s Club discount on your policy.

Other Sam’s Club Perks for Automobile Enthusiasts
You can save money on car insurance if you are a member of Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club offers a variety of discounts for car owners, and this one is no exception.

For car owners, Sam’s Club offers additional benefits, such as:

Sam’s Club has a program called the TrueCar Auto Buying Program that connects members with a variety of dealerships and offers discounts on new and pre-owned vehicles. As a result of Sam’s Club’s extensive due diligence and confidence in these dealerships, all of their prices are set in stone. The Sam’s Club TrueCar Auto Buying Program can help you get a good deal on a new or used vehicle.

Cheaper Car Repairs: Do you need car repairs? If you buy a car through the Sam’s Club network, you can get up to $2,000 in car repair credits from Sam’s Club. In addition to paying your deductible, you can use this credit of $2,000 to offset it.

Tire Savings: Sam’s Club offers discounted rates on tires, including low prices on tires from mainstream brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, and BFGoodrich, among others. You can get $70 to $80 off a set of four tires by buying through Sam’s Club. This discount is exclusively available to members. Non-members can access a similar discount, although they’ll pay slightly more.

Tire Installation: Sam’s Club will install new tires on your vehicle for a discount rate. The company will even take your old tires and recycle them. You can buy and install tires at a cheap rate through Sam’s Club.

Cheap Rental Cars: As a Sam’s Club member, you can get a discount on rental cars. Sam’s Club partners with major rental car companies like Enterprise, Dollar, and National, giving members good rental cars at cheap rates.

Car Batteries: You need to replace your car battery periodically. When your car battery needs to be replaced, consider buying from Sam’s Club, which offers discounted car battery prices for all types of vehicles.

Car Accessories: Sam’s Club also sells a variety of other accessories at discount prices, including jumper cables, car jumpstart kits, floormats, electronics, GPS systems, and dozens of other types of accessories.

Many of these perks are available through your membership portal at the Sam’s Club official website. Login to the Sam’s Club online store to get started.

Final Word on Sam’s Club Auto Insurance
Sam’s Club is a membership-only discount warehouse that offers members a variety of perks. Members get cheap prices on groceries and other products.

Sam’s Club offers a number of perks to drivers. However, car insurance is not one of those perks. Sam’s Club does not directly offer car insurance to members, nor does it partner with a third-party insurer for discounted rates.

As of 2020, Sam’s Club only offers one type of insurance product: the company partners with Aetna to sell discounted health insurance to individuals and businesses. This Sam’s Club health insurance is only available in about 30 states.

However, there are reports online of insurers giving discounts to Sam’s Club members. You may be able to contact your insurer and ask about a Sam’s Club discount.